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This site is about safety. You can find information about crime or safe areas and neighborhoods all around the world here.
We collect maps and descriptions of dangerous or crime and safe areas from people and place them on our site.
All maps are situated in the Find area section.
This is a wikipedia kind of site, so you are very welcome to send us any kind of information that you know in the Mark a map section.
We intend to provide a complete dangerous areas map or crime map of the world with your help.

Last cities: Washington D.C., Hamburg, New York City, San Francisco, New Haven, Toronto, London, Moscow



For years it has been hidden from us. Now we know what is the meaning of life on this planet. The true meaning is now revealed. Everybody is free to know the true and the future of our lives.


Wiki needs your help!:
If you know some safe or crime area on our planet you can mark it on the map so that others could see it.  Welcome to Mark a map section.

Did you know?
This is a first project on the net that collects safety information and crime mapping of any neighborhood on our planet.
All information is provided by our visitors and is not official.




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