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Welcome to Mark a map section


Your information is very valuable for us and our visitors.

Please, mark a map of dangerous or crime area using Google Maps service and send us a link to your map so that we could post it on our site.

How to Mark a map? It is very easy and fast:

1. Go to Google Maps. The link will open in a new window.

2. Click "Sign in". Please register if you don't have a Google account, it will take you less than a minute.
    If you already have a Google account just input your e-mail and password.

3. Type the name of city or town you would like to mark and click "Search maps".
    The city will appear on the map. Zoom in.

4. Click "My Maps"

5. Click "Create new map"

6. Now you can mark a map with "Draw a shape" or "Draw a line" instrument.
  Please, mark all dangerous zones that you know.

7. After each drawing click "Ok".

8. Then you finish marking, please click "Save" and "Done" buttons.

9. Now you need to copy a link to your map. Please click "Link"

10. Copy link to clipboard (Ctrl+C) and send it to us on
      You can send us some commentary as well.

Thank you very much!